Mobile Integrated Health in PEI

Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) is the provision of health care using patient-centered mobile resources in the community. These resources are delivered and coordinated by a wide array of health and social care entities, programs, services and practitioners who are clinically integrated with emergency service providers. MIH initiatives aim to support individuals to access collaborative resources, without duplicating available services, by:

  • providing and connecting them to appropriate primary care services, supporting post hospital follow-up care,
  • integrating with home and community care providers and
  • providing education and health promotion services.

In 2019, the Government of PEI contracted the CHCR to provide independent expertise to guide the program evaluation activities of MIH initiatives being developed and implemented within the Home and Community Care sector in PEI. The area of focus was the Seniors Check-in Program, which aims to increase support for home-based seniors unable to access their required health care due to mobility/transportation issues. The program is provided until adequate home care services are available to fully support the patient or until care is no longer required.

Funding for this program evaluation initiative was provided by the PEI Department for Health and Wellness and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research through the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit.