Secure Island Data Repository

Secure Island Data Repository (SIDR)

The Secure Island Data Repository (SIDR) housed at the University of Prince Edward Island will be a secure facility aimed at providing researchers with uncomplicated, timely access to administrative health data, as well as data from other government departments. This facility will allow researchers at the Centre for Health and Community Research, as well as external researchers to more effectively and efficiently conduct research aimed at improving government services, and the lives of all Islanders. By providing better access to this information, while still holding the privacy of individuals in the highest regard, this facility offers the potential for a greater number of talented individuals to take a critical look at the issues affecting our healthcare system and beyond, and to offer solutions for improvement.

Through SIDR and with additional funding our staff will have the ability to provide support in the following areas:

  • Work in collaboration with government to help improve data collection processes and data quality. * Example: Conduct data quality audit of emergency department data system to identify areas requiring improvement (e.g., diagnostic coding, wait time information) in order to be able to report on this data in a timely, confident manner.
  • Partner with government departments to work towards data systems which can be linked intra-departmentally to allow for richer and more comprehensive analysis of the data, allowing for better quality research and the ability to provide better solutions to more complex issues.
    • Example: Creating the ability to link data between Health, Education, and Family and Human Services to have a more comprehensive understanding of the wellbeing of children.
  • House data from health and various government departments securely to facilitate such research, and relieve pressure internally from government to respond to requests for data from external researchers and organizations, as this service could be provided by SIDR.
    • Example: External researchers submitting requests to Health PEI for data can now be re-routed through SIDR, alleviating the burden on Health PEI staff to prepare these data requests which can be complicated and time intensive for staff who are already juggling multiple priorities.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff on hand to respond to ad hoc data analysis requests from government required to strengthen strategic planning, evidence informed decision making, problem solving, and response to enquiries from various stakeholders (e.g., public, organizations, media, legislature), etc.
    • Example: In addition to larger scale research projects, government could approach our staff to conduct smaller scale analyses used for internal purposes on an ad hoc basis. Rapid response can be provided in emergency or high stakes situations