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SPOR Canadian Data Platform

To date, it has been challenging to perform research studies across multiple provinces and/or territories because of the different administrative processes, fees, and documentation required. The ability to conduct research across provinces and/or territories is important as it will allow, for example, to study differences in health outcomes between provinces. These differences may highlight successful interventions, promising models or procedures unique to one location that can then be implemented in another province. The SPOR Canadian Data Platform (CDP) provides, for the first time, a single source for researchers interested in access to administrative health and social data from multiple jurisdictions through the Data Access Support Hub (DASH) website. The CHCR and the Secure Island Data Repository (SIDR) will provide researchers with access to PEI data through the newly launched Data Access Support Hub (DASH).

The SPOR CDP is an initiative of Health Data Research Network Canada and is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and various federal, provincial and territorial partners. More information on the SPOR Canadian Data Platform can be found here.

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SPOR Canadian Data Platform