Robyn Kydd

Robyn Kydd

Data Information Specialist

Robyn Kydd joined the CHCR in 2017 as an Information Specialist. She received her MSc in Community Health and Epidemiology (University of Saskatchewan), and also has a DVM (University of Saskatchewan) and BSc (University of Victoria).

Robyn spent the first ten years of her research career chasing amphibians and woodpeckers through the forests of British Columbia. During her summer as a CFIA veterinary mentorship student in 2003, Robyn witnessed firsthand how the socioeconomic consequences of a single case of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) negatively impacted the health and well-being of farmers, abattoir workers, veterinarians, and their communities. This experience inspired her to learn more about the social determinants of health, and the intersections between human, animal, and environmental health. After receiving her veterinary degree in 2004, she walked across campus to visit the College of Medicine, and she has been studying and working in public health epidemiology ever since.

Robyn has worked for a variety of academic and government institutions doing quantitative and qualitative research in topics including social epidemiology, alcohol epidemiology, reproductive and sexual health, and zoonotic diseases. She recently moved to Charlottetown from New Zealand, where she worked as an Epidemiology Teaching and Research Fellow at the University of Otago for nine years.

When she isn’t doing research, she loves hanging out with her family, exploring the beaches and trails of PEI, and participating in community events.