About Us

A multidisciplinary centre of experts who are essential to patient-oriented research.

About Us

The Centre for Health and Community Research (CHCR) is a collaborative research group based in the University of Prince Edward Island. The CHCR specializes in innovative research to support the healthcare and biotech industries throughout Prince Edward Island and the rest of Canada. We are interested in advancing research in areas that are pressing and relevant to the health and biotech industries and regularly develop new projects and collaborations to accomplish this goal. We are currently engaged in a variety of ongoing projects within the areas of mental health, data analysis, knowledge translation, and cluster research.

The CHCR is conducting pilot trials of the first online computer program that teaches cognitive behavioural therapy for addictions in Canada. Computer Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT4CBT), created by our collaborator Dr. Kathleen Carroll from the Yale School of Medicine, offers cognitive behavioural therapy for drug and alcohol abuse via an online platform. CBT4CBT demonstrated excellent results in the United States and the CHCR is currently running trials in remote, rural, and First Nation populations in PEI before expanding the program throughout Canada.

We are also collaborating with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on a Strategy for  Patient Orientated Research (SPOR) which is forming a new unit called the Maritime SPOR Support Unit (MSSU). The MSSU aligns with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s strategic goal to translate research results into improved health outcomes for Canadians. Under the MSSU and SPOR PEI we are conducting evidence based research by increasing the use of routinely collected administrative health data as well as patient and treatment registries. We are also expanding and enhancing the Data Repositories that will link existing administrative health databases with patient and treatment registries by developing a Secure Island Data Repository within UPEI.

Recently, we received funding from the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES) to evaluate the value of PEI’s administrative health databases for pharmacoepidemiologic research by conducting a demonstration project. Should the project be successful Prince Edward Island will be the ninth province in Canada to join the CNODES initiative.

We have collaborated with researchers in both Canada and the United States to engage in cluster research examining the sustainability of the Prince Edward Island biotech industry. We have also arranged and participated in networking events and conferences to engage with the biotech community and promote research in this exciting and rapidly changing sector.

The CHCR is dedicated to developing and promoting original research as well as collaborating with individuals and groups to develop new projects and advance ongoing ones within the Health and Biotech industries. We are always searching for key areas both in PEI and throughout Canada that demonstrate a need for research and innovative options.